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Industry Intelligence

Missed another industry update? Not on our watch. Our cutting-edge platform ensures you catch every key moment in your field—never be out of the loop again.


Intelligent Categorization

Leverage our proprietary ML algorithms to filter and classify news across topics pertinent to your needs. Transform information chaos into a structured knowledge treasure.



Begin with a newsfeed expertly curated for your specific industry and interests, eliminating the need to start from scratch. Our dashboards dynamically aggregate the latest, most relevant news, offering a personalized starting point that’s fully customizable to adapt to your evolving needs.


Real-Time Updates

Stay informed with the most current news, as our platform delivers updates in near real-time. Ensure your decisions are based on the latest information available.


Instant Alerts

Hate being the last to know? Our platform alerts you the instant your chosen keywords hit the headlines. Stay ahead of the curve or remain in the dark – decide wisely.


Customizable Content Screens

Experience a comprehensive single-page application where content is seamlessly divided across screens. Tailor your viewing experience to fit your precise needs.

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Sentiment Analysis

Analyze the sentiment of news articles to gauge public opinion and market trends, helping you make informed decisions based on the tone of the news.

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AI Summaries

Leverage AI to get concise summaries of lengthy news articles, saving you time and ensuring you stay informed with the key points.

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Advanced Intelligence

Receive classifications on strategic moves such as innovations, layoffs, startups, partnerships, regulations, new products, ESG, cybersecurity, leadership changes, mergers & acquisitions. Stay ahead in your industry with detailed insights.

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Trending Topics

Trending Topics highlights the most discussed subjects in recent news within the week. This feature uses real-time data analysis to identify keywords and phrases frequently mentioned across various news sources, offering you a snapshot of current events and public interests.



API for accessing a continuous stream of real-time news tailored to your industry and interests.

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Artificial Intelligence

From groundbreaking AI research to the latest in machine learning and data science, our platform delivers comprehensive insights into artificial intelligence applications across industries. Explore developments, ethical discussions, and innovative startups that are reshaping the future. Stay ahead with the most crucial updates in AI.

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Access the latest in health and medical advancements. From updates on disease outbreaks to breakthroughs in medical technology and wellness trends, we provide the critical information needed to navigate the ever-changing health landscape.

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Power your knowledge with the latest in energy innovation and policy. Whether it’s updates on renewable sources like solar and wind, or insights into the energy transition, our coverage keeps you connected with the evolving energy landscape.

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Retail & Ecommerce

Stay ahead in the fast-moving world of retail and E-commerce. From retail industry news to the latest trends in consumer behavior and major developments in online shopping platforms, we cover the innovations and policies driving the future of the retail industry.

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Reach for the stars with our coverage of space exploration and astronomical discoveries. From new missions by NASA or SpaceX to insights into the universe, our news ensures you don't miss any of the action beyond our atmosphere.

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Understand the complexities of national and global security with our thorough coverage of defense and military affairs. From the latest technologies to geopolitical strategies and ethical considerations, stay informed on the factors that shape peace and conflict worldwide.

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Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies with our expert analysis and news updates. From blockchain technology to major market trends, we cover everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the evolving digital asset landscape.

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Economy & Finance

Get insights into global economic dynamics, from market trends to financial policies. Our comprehensive coverage helps demystify complex economic indicators and developments, offering clarity on what they mean for businesses and consumers alike.



Stay secure and informed with the latest in cybersecurity. From emerging threats to protective strategies, our coverage provides essential insights on safeguarding digital assets against sophisticated cyberattacks, ensuring you are always a step ahead of potential vulnerabilities.



Master the business landscape with cutting-edge insights into market trends, entrepreneurship, and significant global developments. Our coverage equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions in a rapidly evolving corporate world.

Achieve Unmatched Industry Awareness

Mosaik’s intelligent algorithm delivers real-time alerts, ensuring you stay at the forefront of breaking news. Empower yourself and your team to be the first to know what's happening in your industry. With Mosaik, you'll always be ahead, never behind.

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Be the first to know what's happening in your industry

Mosaik simplifies the challenge of staying ahead with news updates. Our platform offers a single source for all your news, tailored alerts, and smart categorization, making it easy to stay informed and productive. With Mosaik, you'll effortlessly stay on top, avoiding overwhelm and obsolescence.

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Why should I subscribe to Mosaik when I can just search the internet myself? plus minus plus minus

Mosaik eliminates the pain of sifting through endless websites, blogs, and other media sources, freeing up hours of your day and boosting productivity. Leveraging our proprietary, cutting-edge machine learning technology, Mosaik delivers news and information in real-time, scanned from several hundred sources globally. With Mosaik, staying informed and ahead is straightforward and stress-free.

What makes Mosaik's intelligent categorization different? plus minus plus minus

Mosaik utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to categorize news content accurately. This unique approach ensures that users can easily navigate and find news relevant to their specific interests, streamlining the consumption of vast amounts of information.

How can I create alerts to my specific interests on Mosaik? plus minus plus minus

Mosaik's alert system helps you keep an eye on a wide range of topics, ensuring you always know what's happening. Whether you're following notable personalities like Elon Musk, watching companies like 'Producthunt' or 'OpenAI', keeping up with big events like the Olympics, or tracking new technologies like 'ChatGPT', 'Claude', or 'Gemini', our service is designed to cover all your needs. You can also set alerts for your favorite publications so you never miss an article. Set up these alerts to make sure you're always informed about the things you care about, sent right to your inbox.

How does Mosaik ensure real-time news updates? plus minus plus minus

Mosaik ensures real-time news updates through its proprietary RSS reader, which automatically reads updates from hundreds of sources worldwide. We programmatically retrieve these updates and classify the news, ensuring timely and relevant information is always at your fingertips. This system allows Mosaik to offer a comprehensive, constantly updated stream of news, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our users.

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$9 /month


Suited for users looking to gain visionary insights with the advanced tools and features.

  • Ready-to-use dashboard
  • Get updates in real-time
  • Full coverage for all industries
  • Power Search
  • Save articles
  • Mute sources
  • Filter content by source
  • In-app publication & keywords alerts
  • RSS access
  • API Developer Access
  • Access to Mosaik Core Intelligence
  • AI Summarization
  • Discover trending topics
  • Filter content by region
  • News sentiment analysis
Ge the plan

$90 /month


Tailored for professionals and enterprises seeking to construct a detailed view of their industries.

  • Everything in Pro, and:
  • Full API Access
  • Custom sources
  • Email publication & keywords alerts
  • Premium support
  • Access to Mosaik Advanced Intelligence
  • Mosaik Core Intelligence, and:
  • Innovation
  • Regulation
  • Startups
  • Leadership Changes
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Partnerships
  • Product Launches
  • ESG
  • Cybersecurity
  • Layoffs
Ge the plan