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Tired of Missing Out? Mosaik Makes Sure You’re Always in the Know.

Why check hundreds of media sites when Mosaik can do it for you?

Our platform uses propietary artificial intelligence to sift through the noise and bring you only what matters. Save time, stay informed, and skip the clutter.

Mosaik offers a platform that equips professionals, enthusiasts, and the intellectually curious with the tools they need to excel and stay informed.

Stay informed. Stay ahead.

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Industry Intelligence

Missed another industry update? Not on our watch. Our cutting-edge platform ensures you catch every key moment in your field—never be out of the loop again.


Intelligent Categorization

Leverage our proprietary ML algorithms to filter and classify news across topics pertinent to your needs. Transform information chaos into a structured knowledge treasure.



Begin with a newsfeed expertly curated for your specific industry and interests, eliminating the need to start from scratch. Our dashboards dynamically aggregate the latest, most relevant news, offering a personalized starting point that’s fully customizable to adapt to your evolving needs.


Real-Time Updates

Stay informed with the most current news, as our platform delivers updates in near real-time. Ensure your decisions are based on the latest information available.


Instant Alerts

Hate being the last to know? Our platform alerts you the instant your chosen keywords hit the headlines. Stay ahead of the curve or remain in the dark – decide wisely. .


Customizable Content Screens

Experience a comprehensive single-page application where content is seamlessly divided across screens. Tailor your viewing experience to fit your precise needs.

Achieve Unmatched Industry Awareness

Still reacting to market changes when it’s too late? Mosaik’s algorithms provide real-time updates that could’ve helped yesterday. Empower your team to lead, not follow, by anticipating shifts and seizing opportunities as they arise. Wake up or fall behind.

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Elevate Your Industry Insight with Mosaik

Love the complexity of chasing updates? Then Mosaik isn’t for you. We simplify staying informed with a single platform for all your news, tailored alerts, and smart categorization. Stay effortlessly on top—unless you prefer being overwhelmed and outdated.

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Why should I subscribe to Mosaik when I can just search the internet myself? plus minus plus minus

Sure, go ahead and spend hours each day sifting through endless news feeds and reports. Or let Mosaik do it for you. We harness hundreds of sources and use cutting-edge ML technology to deliver not just news, but near-real-time insights that are actually relevant and actionable. Still think you can manage on your own? Mosaik isn’t for everyone. Only for those who value their time and want the edge that comes from real intelligence.

What makes Mosaik's intelligent categorization different? plus minus plus minus

Mosaik utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to categorize news content accurately. This unique approach ensures that users can easily navigate and find news relevant to their specific interests, streamlining the consumption of vast amounts of information.

Can I customize alerts on Mosaik? plus minus plus minus

Absolutely. Mosaik allows you to set up customizable alerts based on specific keywords, companies, or topics of interest. This way, you're always informed about developments that matter most to you.

How does Mosaik ensure real-time news updates? plus minus plus minus

Mosaik ensures real-time news updates through its proprietary RSS reader, which automatically reads updates from hundreds of sources worldwide. We programmatically retrieve these updates and classify the news, ensuring timely and relevant information is always at your fingertips. This system allows Mosaik to offer a comprehensive, constantly updated stream of news, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our users.

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Perfect for newcomers eager to explore the landscape of news and insights.

Note: During Mosaik's soft launch, all users in the Explorer plan will enjoy access to all premium features.

  • Ready-to-use dashboard
  • Access to all topics and industries
  • Access to historical news
  • Save for later
  • Suggested news
  • Basic support
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Suited for users looking to gain visionary insights with the most comprehensive tools, features, and access.

  • All features from the Explorer plan plus:
  • Real-time updates
  • Custom newsfeed
  • Publication alerts
  • Keyword alerts
  • Power search
  • Premium support
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