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$0 /month


Ideal for development and testing across all project types. This tier provides essential access to Mosaik services, allowing you to build and iterate with ease.

  • Access articles programmatically
  • Articles have a 24 hour delay
  • Access to articles up to a month old
  • 100 requests per month
  • Access to Mosaik News platform under the Free plan
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$120 /month

Billed annualy


Designed for professionals looking to seamlessly integrate Mosaik services into their applications. This tier offers advanced features and enhanced support to empower your professional projects.

    • Access articles programmatically
    • New articles available in real-time
    • Access to all historical articles
    • Unlimited requests per month
    • News classified by industry
    • Mosaik Intelligence metadata
    • Access to Mosaik News platform under the Pro+ plan
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